Official Microsoft MSDN Software


The software on this site is provided to everyone. All files found on this site are genuine Microsoft MSDN software downloaded from the MSDN portal and made available on this site for your convenience. Thank you for visiting and please remember to check back often for new content!

The software on isolinks are in .torrent form. You must download a torrent client in order to acquire the software. The site is hosted in a decentralized environment called ZeroNet and can never be taken down by anyone. The torrent files available on the site are all seeded using a seedbox for maximum availability and speed.

SeedBox Speed

20Gbps DL; 20Gbps UL


Due to hosting costs we had to permanently move the site over to ZeroNet. ZeroNet is powered by the BitTorrent network and uses Bitcoin cryptography. The site is powered by the people who access it and no longer by a central server, which makes the site impossible to take down. Please visit and get setup for the new, decentralized internet and visit our site using the button below once you get ZeroNet started. isolinks is one of the top sites on ZeroNet and so you'll have no problem accessing it. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you on ZeroNet!